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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will you be our DJ?

A.  Yes, I DJ and Photograph all events myself, sometimes with a helper, but do not use apprentice DJs or sub-contract.


Q.  How many shows have you performed?

A.  Prior to 2001 I was a part time DJ and did 5-10 events per year.  In 2003 I turned full-time and now do 3-8 per month depending on the time of year. 


Q.  Are you willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time?

A.   Absolutely!   We send a questionnaire ahead of the event, and take any number of specific requests before and during the event.  We also limit them if the host blacklists certain music ;-)


Q.  Will you get my guests to get up and dance!

A.  Ah, The BIG Question!  Answer is probably!  I pre-plan the music based on your input, read the crowd and always take requests during the event.  But if I am playing the music your guests and you requested, but they don’t feel like dancing, that is out of my control.  Some people like to dance more than others.  Some of my best testimonials are from parties where people did not dance a lot.  I promise to play the music YOU want!  That could be all dance music or more background oriented...


Q.  Are you interactive?

A.  That depends on the wants of the customer.  But I do not lead dances.  I do not talk excessively on the mic, other than typical announcements and occasionally talking to the crowd to inspire dancing or announce a change to a slow or requested song etc.  I do help out with game playing if it is a kids party or a theme party etc, but because I am usually a one man show, I usually solicit help from a party member that everyone knows if necessary.


Q.  Do you have references?

A.  Yes, but they are the same people that write the testimonials on our site, and we would rather you believe their words are real and honest than having strangers email or call them all the time ;-)  As the preferred DJ for Tedesco and Ipswich Country Clubs I can give you a contact for a personal referral if need be though.


Q.  How long does it take you to set-up?

A.  30-45 minutes, depending on equipment used.  I usually show up an hour or more early and music is usually available 10 minutes early.  


Q.  Do you specialize in certain age ranges?

A.  Yes, All of them!  I am in my early 40's and have kids.  so I easily handle the oldest and youngest crowds.  I DJ many parties from First Birthdays to 100th Birthdays and many family parties with mixed ages.


Q.  Are you insured?

A.  Yes.  But I don’t know any DJs that have actually needed it, and lets hope we don’t either! 


Q.  Can you mail me a song list?

A.  We have 20,000+ songs, at around 200 per sheet of paper that’s 100 pages, so no ;-)  That’s why we use the music taste questionnaire.  In addition, on our website and many many others, are list of popular dance music from all era's to help you make some pre-requests if you like.


Q.  Do you use Professional Equipment?

A.  Very professional.  Studio quality actually...  Just one of our amps or speakers cost what other DJs pay for a self-amplified speaker system.  For large parties and/or younger crowds we use a 3 speaker with separate subwoofer on the floor for maximum bass.  Unlike some DJs that sound like loud screechy boom boxes we sound like a live band, with full rich sound that does not blow you out of the room :-)


Q. Do you provide back-up equipment?

A.  For most components and events, yes. But amps and speakers only fail once every 15 years if at all, and are too large to bring back-ups.  But for the PC (which is the first thing to fail), I use a rack-mount server quality computer and bring a laptop for back-up. 


Q. Is your set-up neat?

A.  Not only neat, but very cool ;-)  Al the equipment is in attractive road cases and I have a special table skirt  to conceal wires.  


Q.  What sort of attire will you be wearing to our event.

A.  That’s up to you, but for most informal events I wear black pants and a polo shirt or dress shirt.  For formal events, I wear a Coat and Tie.  I do not wear a Tux unless requested and at extra charge.  A sequined vest and bow tie is never worn LOL!!


Q.  What if you are sick?

A.  First, I have a wife and four kids.  None of us get sick more than once a year, even the kids!  If I am soo sick or injured that I can not make your event, I refer you to a network of DJs in the area that can fill-in.  Of course the cost may not be the same.  But it has yet to happen.