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Music Selection


We have a wide variety of music with over 20,000 songs!
We also belong to a music subscription service and get all the latest releases even before the are on the radio!
You can also provide music and make as many specific requests as you wish before the event using our music planner.
Some typical categories in our library:

  • Top-100
  • Each Decade, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's 90's and 2000
  • Soft Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Classic Rock
  • Swing
  • Ballroom
  • Alternative
  • Dance-Disco 
  • Hip-Hop & Rap
  • Motown
  • R&B
  • Pop Country
  • Old Country
  • Reggae
  • Blues
  • Big Band 
  • Jazz
  • Club DJ Mix's
  • Techno
  • Some Latin
  • Some Italian
  • Wedding Music (of course ;-)
  • Instrumentals and more...

We encourage requests before the event and will purchase any music requested that we do not have.

We can not list all our songs easily, but here are some lists of popular songs you can cut and paste into a request doument for us.  Please send your request in at least 4 days before your party.  One Week for Weddings.

Top 200 Party Songs

Popular Songs by Genre and Era

Suggestions for Wedding Songs