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Cost Effective Photography

Yes!  We can take photo's of your event while we DJ!
  That’s right we provide professional and cost effective Photography services as well as DJ services.  Because we pre-plan our music with each client and it is played on a PC, I can also take professional pictures at your event.  This is a semi-professional proto service for people who do not want an expensive pro but do not want to do thier own photography.  We do not do LARGE FORMAL Weddings!

    We are the only one stop, one person choice for Music and Photography I know of.  And because I am already at your event for DJ services, you save BIG on the Photography.  Our Photography Services are hundreds of dollars less than your typical photographer with spectacular results!  We do: First Communions, Sweet 16's, Anniversaries, Reunions and Smaller/Budget-minded Weddings and Post Wedding Parties.

The combination of Photography and DJing is very natural.  Most of the important Photos are taken early in the event, while most of the DJ work (keeping the dance floor full) occurs later in the event!

I use the same equipment as most Professionals:

  • Canon EOS 30D Digital Camera Body
  • Several Canon and Sigma Lenses
  • Top of the line 580EX Flash
  • External Studio Flashes and Umbrellas
  • Backdrops if required
  • 4 in 1 Reflector for outside photography
  • Etc. Etc..

Visit our photo galleries to see examples of our work!





Don't miss-out on saving memories of your event!
At less than HALF the Price of a Wedding Photographer!
Even if you have a Professional Wedding Photographer for your portraits  you can save money buy hiring us for the end of the reception and limiting the # of hours for the professional.  Sometimes we can do a more interesting job of the reception because of our optimization of the images and adding special effects.