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About Party Perfect

Welcome to Party Perfect!

Party Perfect was established in 1998.  I started the service as a part-time hobby while I worked full-time as an Electrical Engineer.  I have been interested in music since I was a teenager playing keyboards in a rock band.  In 1999 I began converting my music collection to MP3 format and began DJing for friends and family.    By 2001 I began marketing and building the business as my primary employment.  I now DJ about 4 to 8 events per month depending on the time of year and 50% of the clients are from referrals. 


What is unique about our service, other than being all MP3 based, is that we do not have a one price fits all mentality.  Many events have different requirements for equipment and planning and we price accordingly. In addition, the computerization of our music makes it possible for me to offer top notch photography at the same time.  It also allows me to mingle with the crowd and get to know people and understand what music to play when.  People are amazed that I can run the music, light show and take pictures by myself.  But as you can see from the pictures and the testimonials I do it very effectively! 


We currently have over 20,000 songs and belong to a music subscription service for DJs which sends us new singles every month!  For each event we use a music questionnaire to understand what styles of music you like and dislike and take any number of requests before the event this is indispensable!  At Party Perfect every party is unique and driven by the customer not the DJ!


For weddings, we have a complete wedding planner and song suggestions and offer one-on-one consultations.  We do not over charge for weddings!  Many DJs in the Boston area charge over $1,000 just for music (National Average is $500 - $1,000).  We charge as little as possible above the cost of a regular party depending on the type of wedding, and always supply a superior sound system and music selection!



Ok, so now you know a little about the service we provide.  But everyone has seen a DJ that they thought was horrible or been at a party where everyone is talking about how bad the DJ is. 

So below we would like to describe exactly what we are not!  


  • I do not wear a sequined vest and bow tie, like Mr. Noodles on Sesame Street!  I dress casual to formal depending on the event.
  • I do not stand behind the podium like a guard at Buckingham Palace.  I am reserved and professional yet very outgoing and approachable.  I will ask the older guests if the volume is OK, I will encourage requests personally not just over the Mic, and I am great with kids. 
  • I do not force people to dance via silly participation games or "Ice Breakers", people dance because I play the music they want to hear and encourage them to come up and request it.
  • I do not talk on the microphone like a morning radio show, constantly redirecting peoples attention, instead of letting people just enjoy themselves.  I do make necessary announcements and provide full MC service for Weddings of course.


Background music is Copyright 1996, 1997 by Michael D. Walthius. All Rights Reserved.