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Weddings done the Party Perfect way!
Which just happens to be YOUR WAY!
  • One-on-one Personal Consultaions to plan your special day.
  • All Digital Sound System with full back-up.
  • Clear announcements with no added DJ jaber.
  • Complete planning and documenting of your special activities and music.
  • Careful integration with your wedding planner, caterer and photographer.
  • Prompt, Professional and Personal Service from booking to packing-up.
  • Our Wedding Philosophy


    There are few days in our lives as unique or special as wedding celebrations.  Whether you are the bride, the groom, or a parent, few days will create such fond memories as a wedding.  But not all weddings are the same.  Some are very extravagant and some are more conservative.  Many people are getting married for the first time with all the traditional fanfare and many others have been there before and keep things toned down.


    Why do I mention this?  Simple, when people are planning a wedding there are certain guidelines.  For example, brides and grooms are often told the DJ should cost 5-10% of the total budget.  Well that could be 5% of $5,000 or 10% of $25,000 but the work is almost the same in each case!  At Party Perfect, we think you should pay for the amount of work the DJ is doing for your particular wedding, which does not vary based on the price of an ice sculpture.  The level and duration of service and equipment required varies from one wedding to the next.  The expensive wedding could have musicians for the coktail hour and end early, the cheaper wedding could need a separate ceremony sound system and go late.  Our prices are based on your unique event details and the level of service you require.  But of course we will always work with you to meet your budget.


    At Party Perfect we take the time to make sure we provide exactly what you need and can afford for your special day.  Call or email anytime to get a sample of our Wedding Planner and Music Questionnaire, and a quote for your special day!


    Oh one more thing...


    I have seen pictures on DJ websites where the DJ is leading the Cotton Eye Joe with the bride and guests.  Trust me you will NEVER see me on the dance floor with the bride, or bringing undue attention to myself instead of YOU, in anyway ever!  The DJ is there to make sure your event goes off with out a hitch and your guests are entertained, not to provide a some sort of a Las Vegas style side show.  It is YOUR day, not mine ;-)



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