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We can provide DJ services for just about any event.  We have several different size sound systems suited for anything from a small restaurant dinner party to a typical party at a function hall to a large outdoor event.


Cost is ultimately dependent on the duration of the party and the type of equipment necessary. 

Most events are: $300 - $500  (for 4 - 5 hours)


If you have an especially small event in a restaurant etc, for 3 hours or less we can give you a special price for a small sound system.   

NOTE:   Events more than 15 miles away may have a travel surcharge.  Events with difficult access, like 2nd floor stairs, or a Boston Hotel, may have a $25 - $50 Surcharge.

SCHOOLS and Fundraisers and repeat clients GET A DISCOUNT!



For all Weddings, we offer:

  • One or more Personal Consultations to plan your special day.
  • All Digital Sound System with full back-up.
  • Clear announcements with no added DJ jaber.
  • Complete planning and documenting of your special activities and music.
  • Careful integration with your wedding planner, caterer and photographer.
  • Prompt, Professional and Personal Service from booking to packing-up.

Typical Cost: $550 - $750  (Depending on details)



Light shows can be added to any package! Do not under estimate their impact!

They help get people on the dance floor with out the DJ playing silly games etc.


Small Light Show:  $25

 (2 Lights): White Disco Ball Effect, 400W Color Dance Light on the DJ table.


Medium Light Show: $50

4 - 5 lights for romantic and high energy effects, over $600 worth of dance lights!  (More info on our equipment page) 


Our Custom Made Light Show: $100

 1,200 Watts of Custom Lights, Indescribable!  

 Pictures on Equipment Page



Free just ask.  We can get Glow Stuff and Inflatables too.






All photos are manually developed (digitally), cropped, adjusted for color and contrast and lightly re-touched (we remove wires, spots on walls, exit signs and light switches, cold sores and other facial blemishes etc).  Some photos have unique special effects added as well. A link to a Sample Slide Shows and Photo Galleries is on our home page. 


All Wedding Packages Include extra re-touching and effects, such as: False lighting, Black and White, Sepia, Blemish Removal and Partial B/W & Color Photos.  Just check our Galleries and you’ll know what we mean J


    STANDARD PACKAGE:   $250 ($300 w/o DJ)

         3 - 4 Hours Coverage

         150 – 200 pictures taken

         Best 100 – 160+ pictures posted on-line for viewing and ordering

         All prints shipped in 4x6 format

         CD and DVD Slide Show: $75

         Digital Negatives : FREE!



         Only for small/simple weddings or post wedding parties

          200 – 300 pictures taken

         Best 150+ pictures posted on-line for viewing and ordering.

         All prints shipped in 4x6 format, plus (3-6) 5x7’s

         $0.25 per 4x6, $.99 per 5x7, Etc.

         CD and DVD Slide Show:  $125 (Extra copies $5.00 each)

         Digital Negatives: FREE


NOTE:   WE DO NOT DO WEDDING ALBUMS!  This is a simple no frills service for those that appreciate good photography but can not hire a $2,000 pro to take 1,000 pictures and make albums!