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June 2009
I wanted to thank Gary Nevers for all his hard work at our wedding. We were very pleased with the pictures and music! Gary does an excellent job. He offers an easy, affordable and talented way to provide pictures and music at your wedding or function. Very pleased! Thank you again!!

Jessica Bloomer

September 1, 2008

Dear Gary,

I just wanted to thank you for making my wedding a dream wedding.  You captured moments and expressions that were so loving and sincere.  I loved your style of photographing us in our natural environment instead of you stand here and he stands there.  You helped keep it real. 

Your DJ services were great as well.  You had the reception hopping all night, which is just what I wanted.

Thank you for making my wedding perfect!

Debra LeBlanc

Swamscott, MA

Hi Gary!!!!!!!!!
    Things have been crazy here and I have been going to call you.   We got the Slide Shows and they are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You did such a great job on them!!!!!!!!  I cant believe how you arranged the photos to go with the music!  My entire family loves it so much!  What a wonderful keepsake of my Dad's party!  You did such a GREAT job!   Thank you so much!!!!
    I am certainly keeping you in mind for our future parties. 
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
    Cheryl Doyle and Family


Hi Gary

It seemed like the music very went well. People were dancing and having fun. I was so busy running around and talking to people that I only danced twice. Usually I'd be out there quite a bit. Oh well. I had a blast. What a great venue for a party. I'll get feedback from the other committee members.

I'll get you a new e-mail address and speak to you before the week ends. Oh by the way, I fell in love with your assistant Patrizia. She was a sweetheart.

Talk to you later.

Gary J.


Hi Gary,


Married life is great!!!


We really lucked out with the weather.  Everything went great!  Thank you so much.  We really enjoyed it and you did a super job. 

Yes, send over the link for a review and we will definitely complete it.  We will also contact you for any future events. 


I will spread the word about you!


Thanks again,



Hi Gary,


Everyone had a great time!  As you know they didn't stop dancing all night.  They're still talking about it, they all posted pictures on My Space and Face Book and the kids that didn't come because of the snow are mad.  Next time we need a DJ you'll be the one. 

Thanks Again, Bernadette

Gary - Thanks - I Absolutely LOVE the pics - You have done a great job capturing the magic - I can't wait to see the rest


Hi Gary,
Thanks you so much the pic came out great and were a hit at christmas. Everyone loved looking at them. I wanted to thank you for everything the  party was great and the music was perfect for Tim and I , We had a wonderful time and the pic in the end were an extra special treat!!
Thanks again for every thing,

Hi Luisa and Gary -
I've been getting so many compliments about Allison's christmas picture. Since they came from  from family and friends, I of course was pleased but expected as much. But I got one yesterday that I thought you should know about.
Allison's daycare lady, Carol praised the picture  in completely heartfelt way.  She said the picture captured Allison.  It is who she is and how she is day in and out.  She said it made her cry because it is so good and true to life. 
Thanks again for taking it... you worked some  magic.
- Liz

Hi Gary

I just wanted to let you know that everybody had a great time at my husband's 50th birthday party last night. You did a great job, got everybody out on the dance floor and helped moved things along for me, made my night much easier. Putting that special song in for Bill and I meant a lot to him and all around was wonderful!

So I just wanted to thank you for a great night and wish you a Merry Christmas, and if anybody I know is looking for a DJ, you'll get a recommendation from me.

Thanks again

Sue Macdonald

Hi Gary!
I just wanted to thank you for doing a great job!  We received many compliments for the fantastic job you did DJ'ing and taking photographs.  The pictures you've posted so far look awesome, I can't wait to see the rest!  We will be sure recommend you to anyone looking for a DJ or a photographer!
Thanks again,
Tracy and Bob

Sue from Hellertown, PA    Recommended: Yes               Submitted on 07/11/2006
First, Gary was so easy to work with. This was done long distance and we couldn't meet until the day of the party. When he showed up, it was like he was one of the family. He even pitched in and helped with arranging the venue. Bottom line is we had a blast!! Not only did we have great music, we got some fantastic pictures of the event as well. I would definitely use him again and recommend his Company to others.
erin y.
Brookline, MA
Date of Purchase: .
Service Performed: .
Comments: great experience. easy to work with. we had a blast!.
I just wanted to thank you again you were awesome!!! Everyone said you were the best DJ they have seen. Thanks again Gary and I hope you had a good birthday!!!
  Take Care,
   Kerry - 50th Birthday Party - 7/2/2006

Gary, Thank you!!!
You did a great job.  Not only with the necessary
wedding protocols but you made sure everyone had a great time on the dance floor.   Would definitely recommend you to anyone having a function (wedding). Your service was terrific and affordable.  Thanks again.  Glenna Garinger (mother of the bride)
Oceanview Nahant 6/23/2006

Jane from East Lynn, MA Recommended: Yes                Submitted on 12/04/2005
Gary at PartyPerfect is wonderful. He has DJed more than one event for me and never one single complaint. He works the crowd and knows when to play what from his amazing array of music. His light show is really cool and his abilities with a camera and then a computer to make you look better than you are, are also a huge bonus! Thanks so much for your services Gary! I would recommend you to anyone for any function!

Hi Gary,
YOU ARE THE BEST!!!  Pictures are great!  We are absolutely going to book you for next year.  We're even thinking of doing a summer event, too. 
Donna - Electrochem Holiday Party

Hi Gary,
Thank you for doing such a great job for our NYE/Birthday Party--I can't wait to see the pictures.  My friends have already been inquiring.
Sorry you had so much running becasue of the stage!!
Thanks again,

phaedra from Tewksbury, MA

Recommended: Yes                Submitted on 11/07/2005

Gary and PartyPerfect DJ are professional and take your event very seriously! They have a wonderful questionaire that helps you select the perfect music for your event. Gary has access to so many songs, his play list seems endless.... He was even able to obtain some hard to find stuff for our big day. I would definately do business again with PartyPerfect DJ!

Seller Response : Hi, Phaedra! Thank you very much :-)

Hey Gary!

Thanks so much for the pics! They are awesome! I think I'm gonna

order all of them!

Thank you so much again for the great job you did at our party. You

mentioned me contributing a testimonial- i would be happy to if you

would still like one. Just let me know how to go about doing it!

Thanks Gary!


Thanks for everything!  The whole night and slide show was a huge success.  Whenever I need a dj down the road or someone I know is looking for one, I will certainly be calling you.
Ryan - 25th Anniversary Party with Slide Show

Hi Gary. Just got back to my email.

Thanks so much. Music was great. Everyone, as you saw, had a great time.

Thanks again, we will be recommending you in the future!

Julie - Wedding

Hi Gary Thanks for the great time on Sunday at the Puccio Communion (Christina). You will be highly recommended. I was the Guy who said Grace. Any E T A on when you will Post the pictures?


Hey Gary
We are so excited to see our pics.  Man, you did a great job with both photography and d.j.  The dance floor was the place to be.  I can't get over how much fun we had.
Visaggio - Wedding with Photography

 JOYCE - Gannon Golf Course Year End Members Party 2005

HI LUISA (my wife),


How are you?


I did receive the pictures yesterday and they came out great! I still can not believe how many pictures there were and how Gary captured all, every minute that happen at the party!  This weekend Frank and I will pick a picture that we want to sent to our friends and family for thank you notes and Enlargements.


A lot of my friends have commented on how professional your husband is and what a good job he did with the Music and Pictures, they were amazed that both went so smoothly.


I hope they hire Gary for their party’s..


MARIA – (From First Communion, so far two Family members have booked me since, Pics from Andrew's (Maria's son) and Christina’s Communions are on-line)

Hi Gary:
All the pictures have come and they are so much better than the online viewing.  I don't have DSL and my computer is old, so that is probably the reason they didn't show up so well.  We are very, very pleased with the shots. 
Hope all is well and thanks for all your hard work.
Liz Bonnet - (Pics on-line)

Hi Gary,
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our Wedding Ceremony and Reception.  We will be heading back to work on Tuesday.  We took our honeymoon in April.  We'll be around....  Let me know when the pictures are ready.  I can't wait to see them!
Thanks again,
Tara & Michael Rodgers


Thank you again my parents are still flying high. They really loved the video DVD, they have watched it dozen times already. Everyone had great time, thanks for all your help.


Dan -Tracy Cole - 50th Anniversary


Thank you so much, we did all have a fabulous time!!! I look forward to seeing the pictures!

Thanks again, Sarah - Brandies Sorority Party 4/1/2005

Hi Gary,

Thanks, I think everything went great all the kids seem to have a great time and they are still talking about it, I can't wait to see the pictures, I'am very glad I decided to have you take the pictures because everything was so hectic for me I just got to take like 5 pictures. Thanks again for everything.

Cathy C.

Hi Gary,

The pictures did come out awesome.  I was very happy with the party, the kids had a blast!

Nancy - 2-15-2005  (50th B-day)


Just a note to let you know I was happy with the job you did at Carl's 50th birthday. It wasn't much of a dancing crowd, but not much you can do about that. The music selection was good, particularly toward the end of the night when only the diehards were left. Thanks again. Joyce


Lyssa N.
Wayland, MA
Date of Purchase: 10/04
Service Performed: DJ and party lights
Comments: This was for my daughter's 15th birthday. The music was great and Gary was very nice and easy to work with. Everyone had a wonderful time!
Company Response: Thanks for the review. They kids and adults were very polite and thoughtful. Hope to work with you again!



I never got a chance to say to goodbye to you at the end of the party and to tell you that everyone had a good time and really enjoyed the music.  One of our guests does DJ’ing on the side and was really impressed with your equipment.  Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the holidays.

Sandra H. - Transystems inc.


I want to thank you for a wonderful time. Everyone in the office today has made a positive comment on your fantastic presentation. You can definitely use my name as a reference in the future. We look forward to receiving the photos. I will have A/P cut another check payable to you for $99.50 for the additional photos that Joe requested.

Thank you again and will touch base with you next week.


HR/Payroll Manager

American Renal Associates - <- Pictures in our Gallery

Hello Gary,

Thank you so very much for making our Xmas party a success!!! We have never had a DJ at any of our work "get-togethers" in the past, and our stores have agreed we will not have our next party without one. Again, thank you very much and please stop in ateither of our stores if you have the chance.

A Happy and Healthy Holiday to you and Yours!!

Barbara Wood

K&G Reading and Westwood

Hi Gary,
We were just checking out your site to see if any of our pic's were on yet. Thank you so much for all your time and effort. We had so many complements on how great you did.You did so much to help us-- and in such awful heat!!!!! Well I'm sure we will hear from you soon.feel free to call us or E-mail me here at my parents address. Thanks again!
Heather&Scott Wade << Wedding Pics in our Gallery


Thanks so much for staying later than expected.  Several people (including my Mom) mentioned to me that you were really good. 

Thanks again for doing a fabulous job!  I'll definitely recommend you to others and use you for future events!  Please feel free to contact me if a new client wants a reference.


Gary.........Outstanding job........thank you again......everyone loves you man!




                                             Gary Mac Roberts  

Hi Gary!

You were excellent!!  Thank you so much for everything!!

The pics are beautiful!



I just wanted to thank you for a job well done. We hired you to do a 35th Anniversary party for my parents Pat and Bill Furlong. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful you were. Your set up is nothing but professional. You have a super personality. You knew when to talk to the crowd and when not too. I would not even think of hiring anyone else for any future party. During the party you took great photos and put a disc together of our party. It was wonderful and great to have forever. Since the party my dad, Billy Furlong has passed away. We were able to get a laptop and we played the disc of pictures you put together for the entire wake. It was a wonderful rememberence of my dad on a happy day. Thank you so much for making a memory for us. A memory we will have for the rest of our lives. Our entire family is so thankful to you. Your the greatest!!! Please tell anyone if they would like to contact me for a reference I would be more than happy to chat with anyone trying to decide on a DJ or photographer.

Thank you for your kindness,

Kelly Pagliuca

Hi Gary,

 I just wanted to thank you for a terrific job on Friday night!  Everyone was very pleased with the party and thought the music selection was fabulous!  Thanks so much for making the evening a success!  I really appreciate all the pictures you took as well, in addition to staying later than you planned.  You are #1 choice the next time I or someone I know is planning an event! Hope you didn't get too stuck in the snow Sat or Sun!  What a weekend!

Thanks again, Sarah

Hi Gary!


Got the pictures last night, they came out great!!!!! Some of the stuff you did with those pictures was hysterical! Great job. Everyone had a blast.

--Next Day--

Yes we got the CD and DVD today, just finished the cd!  Everything really came out excellent! We are so happy with it all! If i can leave feedback or anything for you please let me know! Thank you so much for making our day great!


Beth and Mark Rash (Wedding Reception)



Yes I received the pictures. they were awesome. you really did a great job. the cd and dvd you sent was really great too.  Thanks for everything you will be hearing from us again. My son will be graduating from high school in may and we are going to need you again  I hope you will be available.  Thanks again for the great entertainment everyone complemented on how good you were.


Teresa,  See the pics Here

~ Sweet16 Party  ~

Gary from Party Perfect DJs was absolutely fabulous!!  He played all the requests I made, and made my birthday party such a fun night.  He was prompt showing up, getting at our house nearly an hour early, and he left unobtrusively and easily.  The set up was small and compact, but played excellent quality music and the volume level was perfect.  He was very accommodating, affordable, and worth way more than we paid.  He also made a disc of pictures capturing the night without any hassle or worry from the family.  There were so many pictures, two discs full for us to look at and enjoy. He even did some special effects out of the shots.  Gary from Party Perfect DJs made my party and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an affordable, high quality DJ.


Hello Gary,


Thank you so much for the pictures of the New Years Eve party. All of them came out great. I will be posting them at Gannon this weekend. Just to let you know everyone had a blast. The music was great and what can I say finally no complaints for a change. Thanks again and I hope all is well. I have you on my e-mail just incase Gannon wants to do another party in the future. (This is from 2002, they booked us for 2003 as well)


Tara Johnson - Gannon Golf Association

Hi Gary,

     Thank you so much for such a great job. Everyone thought you were so neat.
My cousin is going to book you for a big 30th birthday party for her husband and
her sister (much bigger than our party).  Thanks so much for making the party
so awesome, my son was really psyched !!   

Thanks again for such a great job and coming at such a short notice.

I just wanted to say Thanks!  You were great!  Hubby kept asking where I found you - he really thought you did a great job.

Dear Party Perfect,


I attended a neighborhood Clambake a week ago and was thrilled with the sound and music you provided..  It was outdoors.. no acoustics and the sound was simply fantastic..  I think I could hear every individual instrument in the music you were playing.. 

I don't understand what you have created or how you created it, but it was by far the best I've heard.. I can only imagine what the sound would be like inside a building..

The light show was great, and you said it wasn't all that you can provide..  You are lots of fun and a good sport..and kept the party moving when it needed to be and you knew when to keep in the background when that was more effective..

We had a great time and we would love to be at one of your occasions again..  I know you are booked again for next summers Clambake, so will look forward to seeing you again then at least..

I will surely recommend you to anyone that needs a good DJ, and loves a huge variety of music...

Had a ball...



Thanks so much for making our Anniversary Party so great.  We received many compliments from our guests on the music and the mood you presented.  You played the appropriate music at the appropriate times and everyone danced and had a great night.  When the time comes, we will be calling Party Perfect again!

Bob and Nancy

Hey Gary!


I received the pictures and they were great. I took the 5X7 pictures
to work and everyone loved them, I gave your card out to 3 people who are planning functions this year, they are going to call you.    


Thanks again,   






What can I say... Everything from the music to the pictures was just fabulous.  Everyone thought the service was phenomenal.  Thank you so much.




Thanks again for everything - it went great and everyone had a blast!!! :)

--Christie Whitcomb

Hello Gary,
I can't say thank you enough.  You were great and the pictures are great.  You helped keep our small crowd moving.  I know there is a couple of functions coming up and hopefully you will be there.
Peace and Love (60's&70's),
Trisha :-)

Hi Gary,

Thanks for coming up and giving my neighborhood a great show. We all had a fantastic time. I will keep in mind the small system for next year :)  The picture of my mom was hilarious. Her face turned bright red when she saw it. lol. I can't wait to see the other pictures. Great memories!! ok talk to you later.

Thanks Again!!

ChasaRae (Block Party)

Gary -

Thanks for the picture!  Everyone had a great time on Saturday!

Looking forward to seeing the other pictures tomorrow!


Ellen (Our Lady of Grace Parish)


Have I told you lately how glad I am that you are doing this??  You are the easiest vendor I've got!!

Enjoy your vacation and we'll catch up next week!  After next Tues, I will be reachable at 603-xxx-2806