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The iPod DJ Era

With iTunes and an iPod why hire a DJ?

This is an ever increasing battle!
Yes if your on a very tight budget and you do not need an MC and your guest all have the same taste in music or could careless to dance, maybe an MP3 player an your home stereo is the way to go!
Maybe you can just use the radio and put it on MIKE FM for random music!
The Fact is, the DJ does much much more than just play music.
If you hire a good DJ:
  • They will have High End Sound Equipment that sounds pleasant and not harsh such that you get a headache (Usually $2,000 worth!).
  • They have back-up equipment!
  • They are the Master of Ceremonies!  That means all the other help, caterers, photographers, venue managers, bartenders, in addition to the Bride and Groom, look to the DJ to be the main coordinator of ALL the details of the event.
  • They line up the Bridal Party.
  • They have a strong voice for the Bridal Party Introductions.
  • They have the wireless mic for the Blessing and Toasts.
  • They let the guests know what is going on though out the evening and play the appropriate music at the right volume for each part of the event.
  • They make sure each table gets called to the buffet with out chaos.
  • They coordinate the Cake Cutting, First Dance, Parents Dances, Garter and Bouquet etc.  How does and iPod do that!
  • Then they take requests and read the crowd for dancing.  Are you going to decide ahead of time when to play those slow songs and when to keep the fast ones playing when the dance floor is hopping?

You see even if you think you have the Music and Equipment you still need the DJ in order to have a smooth event.  After all don't your guests deserve something more than a jukebox loaded with only your favorite music?

There are many cliche statements about the DJ making or breaking the party.  Some true some not so much.  But consider this, the DJ is usually the most talked about part of the party, both during and after the event and they only cost a few dollars per guest.  In many cases the DJ only cost as much as one appetizer!

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